LINES ON PAPER Artist Bio - Krystine Kryttre
San Francisco native Krystine Kryttre is a self-taught artist whose talents know no boundaries. A published Underground artist since 1985, her career started in punk 'zines and continued into fine publications such as Raw, Wierdo, Snake Eyes, Twisted Sisters, Art Forum and Juxtapoz. A collection of her comics, Death Warmed Over, was published in 1990.

Kryttre moved to LA in 1991 and began to expand her craft into painting and mix n' match taxidermy. "From Her Garden", (Kryttre's third show here at La Luz de Jesus) is a wrenchingly personal and darkly humorous collection of work. "...mining the Mother Lode and using whatever means necessary to excavate its stubborn and bloody nuggets," this show encompasses a variety of mediums and styles. She credits Ralph Steadman, Georganne Deen, Ed Gorey and Dr. Seuss as the influences who are at least partially responsible for the artist you see today.

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