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Tim Biskup, Originally from California, was raised on Disneyland, Rat Fink, badly dubbed Japanese Sci-Fi flicks, punk rock, skateboarding and underground comics - which all serve as touchstones for his manic and spontaneous style. In the mid-eighties he left Otis/Parsons School of Design to seek his fortune in the world of illustration. His career included designing for skateboard companies and record labels. (a highlight being his work for Ralph Records and his heroes the Residents). His obsession with the art of Mary Blair led him to a career in animation. This career has involved him in countless cartoons, including his own short "Freddy Seymore's Amazing Life" for Nickelodeon and background supervisor for Cartoon Network's "Time Squad," and has launched a line of tee shirts and gift items under the GAMA-GO label.

Biskup has exhibited his work in various galleries around the U.S. including Philadelphia, Dallas, and Portland as well as Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. His current creations include a new computer font for House Industries, The Lucky Stack playing cards, Modular Populous, a collaborative series of interchangeable paintings with Gary Baseman, and Hello, a mysterious painting series and print portfolio with Gary Baseman and Mark Ryden.