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Dave Cooper is the creator of the Harvey Award-nominated Suckle: The Status of Basil, an original graphic novel published by Fantagraphics in 1996 that immediately earned raves from critics and fellow cartoonists. It led to a flurry of Cooper activity the last few years. At one point he was simultaneously creating three different serials for various anthologies: "Dan & Larry" in Dark Horse Presents, "Crumple" in Zero Zero, and the all-ages "Pip & Norton" has been seen in a slew of publications from Dark Horse, including Scatterbrain, Guff, and Dark Horse Extra, as well as Montreal's Vice magazine. The three serials all feature divergent styles and display a range of cartooning that Cooper is currently showcasing in his ongoing series WEASEL.

In addition to comics, Cooper has created designs for animated television series, most notably Matt Groening's Futurama (eagle-eyed viewers should be able to spot some quintessentially Cooper-esque backgrounds). As lucrative as the television work is, it's reinvigorated his desire to jump back into comics!

Dave Cooper lives in Ottawa, Canada, with his wife, Julie. He makes his living in cartoon design, magazine illustration, & through the sale of original comic book artwork & his fine art oil paintings.