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Successful Artists As Kids

Check out the work of these famous artists (before they became famous)!
Think you can do better than this?

Robert Crumb drew this picture when he was sixteen years old. His status as a bull-goose legend of underground cartooning meant that in the early 90s, he was able to trade six of his sketch books for a villa in the south of France. But Crumb's career has never been about maximizing financial possibilities - that would mean signing on with mainstream pop culture, which of course, he despises. In fact, Crumb's repeated rejection of commercial opportunities (He once turned down an offer to do a Rolling Stones album cover because he hated the band) marks him as one of the last remaining exemplars of the unrestricted '60s hippie philosophy. An attitude he had developed in his younger years.

William Stout is an artist of international renown in many fields, such as theme park design, wildlife painting, and comic books.

He's worked as a writer, designer, and on feature films - mostly with the horror /sci-fi genre. The beginnings of his lifelong love of movie monsters can be seen in these pictures. He drew them when he was only eleven years old.

Steve Wilson drew this picture when he was fifteen years old. Later under the name S. Clay Wilson, he graduated from the University of Nebraska. His work has been published in "San Francisco Comics", "Zap Comics", "Yellow Dog Comics", "Thrilling Murder", "Laugh in the Dark", "Arcade Magazine", and "Raw Magazine". His many exhibitions include those at the Whitney Museum, Museum of the Surreal and Fantastic in New York City, The Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C, and the Los Angeles County of Museum Art. S. Clay Wilson is an iconic figure in the world of underground comics.