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What is Kids On Paper?

Our Mission is to reintroduce comics to children as a hidden literary and artistic treasure trove and a rich, vibrant medium to promote literacy, inspire creative personal expression, and open a highly accessible gateway to a full array of successful, rewarding career paths.

"Movies? Yeah, I've heard of them but I've never actually seen one." You might think anyone saying this was from another planet or certainly from another country. Movies have been a dominant part of our culture for the past several generations. But sequential art (comic books) were the first introduction for many of us to basic story telling and to the drawn image as an aide and enhancement to that process.

What is Kids On Paper?

With the technology craze of video games, comics have become a forgotten media these days, even though the movie industry is making millions of dollars off them. Kids On Paper's (KOP's) goal is to reinvigorate youth's creativity through comic book expression.

Kids On Paper adds excitement and creativity to art instruction through comic books - history, design, story, and production. We teach our program participants how to make their art come alive!

Why Art through Comics?

Graphic novels, comics, and cartoons provide a wealth of educational opportunities by placing comics in historical, aesthetic, educational, and empowering contexts.

Kids On Paper will present a new approach to using these materials to build artistic skills and involve students in art appreciation, while expanding their own creative imaginations. The students' work will then be posted on this website for the world to marvel at their young talents!

Kids On Paper is all about making amazing art, telling spectacular stories, and having a ton of fun doing it!!!