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The Kids of KOP

Check out these talented KOP Kids! Do you think you can do better? Contact us and maybe we'll showcase your own comics! (See below for instructions on sending artwork.)

Featured Kid Artist: Alexa Kitchen

Alexa Kitchen, age 9

Alexa Kitchen has had a remarkable career trajectory. By age 5 her first compilation of comics was published; by age six she was interviewed in Comic Book Artist magazine and featured in Comics Buyer's Guide. Her public debut at the MoCCA book fair in New York City was described in Publishers Weekly (7/12/04) as "the talk of the show". How amazing is that?!

Alexa is considered a child prodigy and produces a massive page output, going through a couple hundred pages in her sketchbook a week! Her work has been praised by professionals such as Will Eisner, Neil Gaiman, Mark Schultz (who wrote an introduction to her new book) and R. Crumb,as well as various trade publications.

Genes may be a factor in Alexa's talent and early professional development. Her mother Stacey was a child performer in the country music field, having both recorded original tunes and performed on stage since the age of 6, and her father Denis began his career as a cartoonist before morphing into a publisher.

Alexa's bibliography includes: "Drawing Comics Is Easy", "Alexa Kitchen's Top Secret Sketchbook", "Alexa Kitchen: The Early Years Volume One" and "Alexa Kitchen: The Early Years Volume Two".

To read more about Alexa, to see pages from her comic sketchbook diary, and to find out how to order her books, visit:

"Drawing Comics Is Easy"
by Alexa Kitchen, the world's youngest graphic novelist

a page from Alexa Kitchen's sketchbook
(Not for the politically faint of heart.)

Featured Kid Artists: The Vecente Brothers of Sisquoc, CA

Our nephews Ethan and Mason love to draw, and everytime they come to visit us in Los Angeles, we take out the art supplies and let them go to town! Here are some of the fine pictures they've made for us in the last year:

Mason Vecente, Age 6

Ethan Vecente, Age 9

MORE Kids of KOP

Early work from some more talented budding young artists!

Charlie Wilkes

"The Paper's View" by Charlie Wilkes

Sophisticated storytelling and a unique perspective.

(Branciforte Middle School Cartooning Class with
Ms. Goldfarb)

Kenny Denike

"Pencil vrs. Eraser" by Kenny Denike

Clear storytelling, easy to read cartoon "violence".

(Branciforte Middle School Cartooning Class with Ms. Goldfarb)

Anna Tea

"Brownie" by Anna Tea

Sweet story,
and easy to read.

(Branciforte Middle School Cartooning Class with
Ms. Goldfarb)

Selena Serna

"The Rat" by Selena Serna

This might be a true story!

(Branciforte Middle School Cartooning Class with Ms. Goldfarb)

Nik G.

"A Walk Home" by Nik G.

A scary walk home with a funny ending.

(Branciforte Middle School Cartooning Class with Ms. Goldfarb)

Submitted artwork needs to be drawn in black ink with legible writing, on 8.5x11" paper or smaller. Color artwork will be accepted as well (and actually we prefer it).

You can mail your artwork to:
Kids On Paper
6253 Longridge Ave.
Valley Glen, CA 91401

Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you'd like your artwork returned.

If you have a computer with a scanner, please scan your artwork as a jpg file. You can email it to:

We look forward to seeing your artwork on!