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Sequential Art Gems of the 1950's:
EC Comics' "Tales From the Crypt" and
John Stanley's "Little Lulu"

Think your grandparent’s comic books were boring?
When it comes to terrifying chills that leave you
shaking and shuddering, or laughter to make you
roll out of your seat, classic 1950’s comic books
still stand the test of time.

In “The Horror and the Hilarity” you’ll learn about
these two creative genres that will always appeal
to kids. Our FREE PowerPoint show will spotlight
two classic series, “EC’s Tales from the Crypt”
and John Stanley’s "Little Lulu", the 1950’s
version of “The Simpsons”. Audience members
will be invited to read character dialogue from
word balloons as we watch the stories unfold

THE HORROR: EC Comics "Tales From The Crypt"
EC horror comics of the early 1950's flipped the lids
clean off the heads of an entire genration of comic
book fans. Specializing in thrills and chills like "The
Vault of Horror", "Tales from the Crypt", "The Haunt
of Fear" and a dozen other titles.

THE HILARITY: John Stanley's "Little Lulu"
Whether it's tricking her pal Tubby into taking a sponge
for a walk, rescuing a pair of pants from the tough west
side gang, or defeating the clubhouse fellers in a snow-
ball war, Lulu turns any predicament into a fun-filled

Kids On Paper, Gemstone Publications and Dark Horse Publishing
are proud to donate copies of classic 1950’s comic book
compilations to the library where the event is held.