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Sequential Art Gems of the 1950's:
EC Comics' "Frontline Combat " and
Carl Barks' "Uncle Scrooge "

Think your grandparentís comic books were boring?
When it comes to terrifying chills that leave you
shaking and shuddering, or laughter to make you
roll out of your seat, classic 1950ís comic books
still stand the test of time.

Our FREE PowerPoint show will spotlight
two classic series, ďECís Frontline Combat Ē
and Carl Barks' "Uncle Scrooge ". Audience members
will be invited to read character dialogue from
word balloons as we watch the stories unfold

WAR: EC Comics' "Frontline Combat"
Early 1950ís EC Comics horror and science fiction titles made so much money for owner/publisher Bill Gaines he was able to give Harvey Kurtzman free reign to approach the lesser selling Frontline Combat & Two Fisted Tales from a new perspective.

Telling the Truth About War: Instead of standard he-man, kick-butt action-action-action, Kurtzman visited army bases, interviewed troops and pored through documents and photos of bygone wars for a more than standard telling of the Civil War, Iwo Jima and the wars against Native Americans. EC artists visited army bases armed with sketchpads, giving up-to-date and realistic versions of weapons of the time. Many issues of Frontline Combat & Two Fisted Tales made it to the frontlines of Korea.


Carl Barks, the artist and creator of Uncle Scrooge, told the truth about everything he created in his adventures of Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, Gyro Gearloose, The Beagle Boys and every fantasy he created for Walt Disney.

From The Square Egg Story to Land Beneath the Ground, where Terriís and Fermiís have great fun with strategic rolling around, creating earthquakes around the globe. None of these titles address the true connection between war and wealth but, hopefully, we all understand how that works. We suggest monitoring a wide variety of news sources.

Kids On Paper, Gemstone Publications and Dark Horse Publishing
are proud to donate copies of classic 1950’s comic book
compilations to the library where the event is held.